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Welcome to LowerMyCopay.com! If you have private prescription drug insurance, Medicare D, no insurance, or low income, this site is for you. LowerMyCopay.com can save you as much as 100% off branded (non-generic) prescription drugs and savings on common OTC (over the counter) medicine.

Ask Your Doc…

Did you know that your doctor is provided drug discount coupons at their office? If you are on a branded (non generic) medication, then the chances are that the doctor has a coupon that can help you.


The heartbeat of LowerMyCopay.com is to serve others. We have the privilege of serving thousands of people by finding prescription drug savings, drug coupons, and drug rebates for them for free. In addition, LowerMyCopay.com is a not-for-profit website that gives money away to people with special needs.

Medicare D Recipients

What? Medicare D recipients cannot take advantage of drug coupons, drug discounts, and drug rebates. I honestly am frustrated! The typical Medicare D recipient is >65, on a fixed income, and taking multiple medications. The government says that you cannot take advantage of any drug discount offered by pharmaceutical companies.

LowerMyCopay.com is your source for drug coupons, drug discounts, and drug vouchers

LowerMyCopay.com is your source for all current drug discounts, drug coupons, and drug vouchers. Simply find the "Coupons" page at the top, click and pick whether you want to see savings by drug name, by patient assistance, or by free medicine and drugs. There are additional savings for diabetic patients, Medicare D patients, and more under the "Advice" page. It is a privilege to find these drug savings and drug coupons for you, for free, period. There are hundreds of drug coupons currently available. Have fun saving money on drugs!

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Charity Highlight: Florence Family

While you are focusing on finding drug coupons and drug discounts, LowerMyCopay.com will be focusing on a family with a special need in Florence, Alabama. This family is in need of a van with wheelchair accessibility for there 4-year old son with special needs. Their son has struggled with a seizure disorder for most of his life. [...]


I am so glad I heard about this website! There is no generic for my asthma medicine and this website made the difference!


Florence, AL

I am on five different medications and I found coupons for every one of them! Thank you for putting everything in one place!


Detroit, MI

My son-in-law took me to this website and save me money on Lunesta. I was paying $40 a month for this prescription now I pay $0, that's right nothing! Thank you LowerMyCopay.com!

Huntsville, Al